The Red Means STOP Traffic Light Survey

Birmingham has a big problem with unsafe driving

No neighbourhood is free from speeding, dangerous parking or red light running, and the consequences can be lethal. For many months, Better Streets for Birmingham has been collecting data on the ways in which this blights our communities. This was our largest study yet, using the collective might of 32 volunteers.

Here the fruits of their labour are brought to life in a series of interactive visuals. They provide a snapshot of the scale of red light jumping by motorists on an average day. The results are scandalous, though the work is powerful, because people are power and knowledge is power.

And it is this power we will harness to change the city for the better, making our roads safe for everyone who uses them.

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We gathered 0 volunteers

for what we call micro-volunteering. This is where concerned citizens can provide an amount of time that suits them, when it suits them, to make a difference.

Then we carried out 0 traffic light surveys

covering 0 junctions across Birmingham. We surveyed lights in multiple directions. We defined a red light jump as a driver who:

  • continued driving after the traffic light had turned red;
  • stopped after the white line when the lights had turned red;
  • started driving again before the red turned green.

The worst junction was

where one driver jumped a red light every 0 minutes and 0 seconds or every 0 red lights. On just this junction, we witnessed 0 red light jumps!

This junction serves a primary school

Residents have to cross this road up to 6 times a day with small children in tow. In June 2023, a 12 year old child was killed by a driver at this junction.

In total, 0 red lights were jumped

On average, one driver jumped a red light every NaN minutes and NaN seconds or every NaN red lights.

But it's also just a tiny fraction

of the true number of red light jumps taking place every day in our city

We then grouped the junctions into 3 categories

Red for the worst, amber and then green for those where no red lights were jumped.

0 Red Junctions

where red lights were jumped very frequently, every five minutes or worse.

0 Amber Junctions

with red lights jumped regularly. Whilst less bad, in these surveys, drivers jumped every 13 minutes or worse.

Just 0 Green Junctions

At one junction, no drivers jumped a red light. This is what we should expect all the time. At two others, it was once per hour.

Look at the junctions near you!

The map below shows the location of all the junctions we surveyed.

You can zoom into your area and pan to neighbouring areas by switching on Mouse / Touch Zoom & Pan. Keep scrolling to see how you can do to make a difference.

Red Light Jump Frequency
Red: Every 5 Minutes or Worse
Amber: Every 13 Minutes or worse
Green: None or one per hour
Mouse / Touch Zoom & Pan: 

But how can I change things?

  • Lead by example on the streets

    Take our B plate pledge today to show your commitment to road safety.

  • Respectfully challenge thoughtless driving

  • Start a conversation with friends or family, or, in more extreme cases, submit photo or video evidence to the West Midlands Police online reporting portal, Nextbase to secure fines, points or even bans for the very worst drivers.

  • Join Better Streets for Birmingham

  • We are a growing movement, fed up with the unacceptable status quo on our roads, campaigning for a safer, healthier and happier transport system for our city.

    By gathering evidence of the harms caused by car excess and bad driving, and standing together to call time on the danger, misery and death they cause, we have made our leaders sit up and listen. We have achieved greater resourcing for road traffic policing, increased investment in the Nextbase portal and pledges from the council to make our streets physically safer.

    With your help, we can do so much more.